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Baby Tips

Preventing stomach upset and discomfort in babies


Hold your baby upright during and after feeding this helps swallowed air remain at the top of the baby’s stomach, making burping easier.


Burp your baby during and after feeding. Rub and pat your baby’s back for several minutes keeping in mind there may be more than one burp.


If you are bottle-feeding, formula should drop from the nipple of an upturned bottle at 1 drop per second. If the hole is too large the formula may choke the baby. Too small and the baby may become frustrated from excessive sucking.

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Adult Tips

Avoiding gas discomfort


Develop a regular routine of diet, exercise and rest. Exercise will help move any gas through your digestive-tract.

Go slow

Chew food thoroughly and slowly, and avoid washing down solids by gulping or sipping beverages. Be careful about overloading your stomach at any one meal too.

Choose carefully

Avoid drinking from straws or water fountains, carbonated beverages, gum and hard candy.

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